30 Day Challenge

Home to Wholeness

This past year has been challenging us to FEEL, because it is only through feeling (the good, the bad, and everything in between), and through connecting with ourselves, that we can return home to ourselves. This 30 Day Challenge, starting January 1st, has been designed to help you on your journey back to yourself, through coaching, meditation, breathwork and movement. When you opt in to my monthly online subscription (only £18), not only do you get access to this 30 Day Challenge but also over 100 on demand yoga videos!

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What You'll Get From This 30 Day Challenge: 


Coaching videos on topics that include values, purpose, goal setting, understanding emotions, people pleasing and boundaries, limiting beliefs, and more!


Guided meditations and readings to encourage us to find peace, to dive deep within, to embrace what we have and who we are, as we journey back to ourselves.


Short yoga practices and explanations to help us better understand the body, how it works with the mind, and how movement can be a healing medicine.


Different types of breathwork to help us manage stress & anxiety, bring us back to equanimity, and provide us clarity of mind to help us make the better decisions

Are you ready to return home to yourself-

to your truths, magnificence, and wholeness?

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Hey, I’m Mariel!

I am a certified Yoga Instructor and Life Coach with a passion for helping people return to their true essence, standing strong in their power and able to make anything happen because they believe in themselves first.

My decision to take control of my life and return to my authentic self, following years in a job and lifestyle that made me unhappy and unhealthy, is something that many of us struggle with every day. Yet in making that decision, my life completely changed, and though it wasn’t magic - it felt magical.

Since then, I have created a life that is full of purpose and fulfillment, helping people all over the world to find the magic within themselves.

This 30 Day Challenge has been designed to help you on your journey back to yourself, through coaching, meditation, breathwork and movement. Are you ready to join me?

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I've got A's for your Q's:

Why should you do this challenge?

It's time to stop giving your power away. Learn to honour what is important to you, knowing who you are and what you are capable of. Lean into your inner strength and get to know your why! This 30 Day Challenge has been designed to help you let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and step into who you truly are, through short coaching, meditation, breathwork and movement videos. Each day you will receive an email with additional information on the day's topic, together with a recommended yoga class from my vast on demand library!

Who is the 30 Day Challenge for? 

Anyone feeling a bit lost, who is struggling with loneliness and the direction of their life, or feeling stuck and disconnected. This challenge is about finding belonging within, because once you love and accept yourself as you are, even in times where you are alone, you will never again feel lonely.

What will you benefit by completing this Challenge?

  • A better understanding of who you are and the impact you want to have
  • More awareness of your behaviour, of your emotions, of your body - and through awareness we can create change
  • Tools to help keep you present, connected to your truth and aligned with what matters most to you

From My Community

Practicing with Mariel has been such a bless in my life! She is a stunning woman and human being who I really resonated with from the very first class. If you’re seeking to go deeper in your practice, start or keep working on your inner journey and live meaningfully and with purpose you’re in the right place!

Juliana Sañudo

Mariel is such a wonderful yoga teacher. I love her flow as she has a unique creative mind making each class a brand new adventure, discovering both the beauties of our body and mind. What I really love also when we practice together is how Mariel makes me reflect on myself, my emotions, my life and helps me be a better version of myself."

Maud Bds

Mariel’s dedication to her yoga community is undeniable!!! She is an amazing yoga teacher, one of my all time favourites! She makes a point of introducing variety into her practices and providing balance between strength training and mindfulness.  But, more than that she is kind, thoughtful, and supportive, helping us navigate this difficult year and unpack things that we may not have known needed unpacking.  Love her so much!"

Julia McKeough